Intelligent transportation

Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (ITS) encompass a broad range of information and communications technologies that improve the safety, efficiency, and performance of the transportation system. When integrated into the nation's roadways, vehicles and public transportation network, ITS can help reduce congestion, improve mobility, save lives and optimize our existing infrastructure.

Fluent flow of information and traffic

In the information society, information about the status of the traffic networks and dynamic traffic management can improve the capacity of the networks and serve those on the move. Information and communication technologies enable the collection of information on traffic conditions and problems in real time. This information can be distributed through different channels and to different terminal types.

In everyday life, the role of telematics is to facilitate safe and fluent travelling from one place to the another. The quality of public transport can be improved with real-time timetables and route information services. Location and navigation services can help you to find your way. Traffic congestion can be partly avoided through traffic management and information services. Freight and fleet management systems can inform the dispatcher and consignee about the travel of the goods and possible delays across national borders. It has also beneficial effects on the environment by reducing air and noise pollution on highways.

Traffic is a teamwork

The production and distribution of traffic information also requires functional public-private partnerships. The development of telematics applications and information services requires active participation of the entire value chain. The information, applications and terminals provided for the travellers must be reliable and safe to use.

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