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ITS Finland promotes the development and deployment of transport and logistics telematics services and products and improves the awareness of Finnish ITS expertise.

ITS Finland is an open forum for the cooperation of Finnish and international companies and public administrations as well as a network for telematics developers representing different transport modes. Its main task is to promote the deployment of concrete ITS services for private and corporate users. Information must be mobilised to serve the travellers and the transporters of goods. This calls for unprejudiced exploitation of information and communication technologies in the collection, processing and distribution of traffic information.

ITS Finland has been launched in 2004 as a three-year project, bringing together the different parties and establishing the forms for cooperation at the national and the international level. It was registered as an association 15th of August in 2006.

As a common goal with network of National ITS Associations, ITS Finland improves EU to become a forerunner in transport digitalization. More about common goals can be found below.


Our goal:EU as a forerunner in transport digitalization

Digital transport services offer significant business opportunities in EU. Taking leadership in transport market disruption EU has potential to create million new jobs by 2020. Making markets for Mobility as a Service (MaaS) easy and environmental access to all citizens.


Expectations of measures for the European Commission:

1. EU needs to take leadership in setting new rules and regulation enabling innovation and allowing market access to Mobility as a Service ecosystem. This requires:

o access to existing modes of transport by third party service providers,
– roaming of transport,

o enabling of new innovation using private vehicles as part of transport offering
– rules for shared rides and car share,

o ensuring open internet penetration to vehicles as enabler,

o enabling the use of automated vehicles.

2. Transport investments should be directed primarily to project that aim to increase system efficiency and digital services need to be part of transport planning from beginning.

3. Public sector needs to be bold enabler and first buyer:

EU should be bold in allowing trials and pilots in small and large scale. Public spending in transport needs to follow the user whenever possible to allow a merge of consumer and public transportation markets.

With these measures we aim to:

· enable a good living standard with reasonable cost for people that do not own a car,

· ensure leadership for European companies by most advanced home markets,

· make EU the most attractive area for investors in digital transport,

· drop the costs of congestion by 50 %,

· achieve emission goals set for transport,

· enable a more vibrant city environment with less cars and parking space,

· reduce the number of traffic fatalities significantly.


You can download National ITS Handout also here.


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CEO Marko Forsblom
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Chairman Karri Salminen, CGI
tel. +358 40 544 5151
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