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From 16 to 19 June iMobility Challenge organised an Ecodriving Competition at the European ITS Congress in Helsinki. Every congress delegate could take a short drive in Helsinki and see how their energy-efficient driving skills compare to a benchmark score set by Finnish F1 star, Valtteri Bottas.

Valtteri Bottas
said: "The road is not the race track, so when I drive in the city I aim to drive in a safe and efficient manner. It is great that modern technologies help drivers understand how their driving style affects their energy consumption, and make responsible driving fun."

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An ENERFY on-board device and smartphone APP monitored the energy efficiency of the drivers' performance.

Here is the outcome of the competition:

1. Total participants: 262

2. Total number of drives: 445 (many participants tried more than once)

3. Valtteri's Enerfy score was 1229 points : position 121

4. Valtteri drove 36% more fuel efficient than the world average.

5. 46% of the participants manage to achieve Vallteri's excellent score, some tried several times to managed it. If you want to it is easy to be a fuel-efficient driver!

6. The participants drove 2 kms in Helsinki's traffic.

7. The top performers averaged 1338 points compared to 596 for the lower end of the board. Translated into in fuel efficiency, the difference was equivalent to 37,2 percent: that's how much difference your driving style has on energy consumption!

8. The top of the leader board didn't just use less energy to get the car around the track, they also were around 4% quicker: EcoDriving does not mean slow driving!


The overall winners of the total event from 16-19th

First name / Last Name / Enerfy score

Lee Street 1355.7
Juha Tammisto 1353.8
Wolfgang Hoefs 1351.1


The winners of Monday the 16th of June

First name / Last Name / Enerfy score

Juha Tammisto 1353.8
Wolfgang Hoefs 1351.1
Pauli Ahvonen 1335.2


The winners of Tuesday the 17th of June

First name / Last Name / Enerfy score

Lee Street 1355.7
Christian Weiser 1333.2
Pasi Perhoniemi 1331.7


The winners of Wednesday the 18th of June

First name / Last Name / Enerfy score

Pasi Perhoniemi 1372.4
Markku Lehisto 1366.5
Pauli Ahvonen 1359.9


The winners of Thursday the 19th of June

First name / Last Name / Enerfy score

Arttu Lauhkonen 1268.3
Mika Suonpera 1254.9
Hermann Gruenfeld 1247.8


About the iMobilityChallenge

iMobility Challenge, is a EU funded project by DG Connect of the European Commission to demonstrate the benefits of efficient, safe and smart mobility through new Intelligent Transport System (ITS) solutions. The FIA is leading the coordination of the project, working with partners ACEA (European automobile manufacturers association), CLEPA (the European association of Automotive suppliers), ERTICO (the network of Intelligent Transport Systems and Services stakeholders in Europe) and VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland).



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