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The transport system must change if we are to meet the challenges of climate change. This will not happen without smart transport solutions. By tackling global problems, we are also laying the foundations for sustainable growth and exports in the sector.


ITS Finland is an active international player and part of the National ITS Associations -Network.

We are part of a bigger picture, as together with the Nordic and Baltic ITS associations we form a strong and active Nordic+ network.


Passion-led. Lobbying, networking, communication and export promotion form the backbone of our activities.

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ITS Finland offers a wide range of member services, such as international networking, funding guidance and business sparring, promoting the development of intelligent transport and cooperation. We are an active player nationally and internationally, influencing the industry and offering members the opportunity to participate in board work.

Smart and emission-free transport

The Intelligent Transport Network – ITS Finland ry is a cooperation forum that brings together representatives of the state, cities, research and education institutions and the business world on a broad basis to promote digitalisation in the transport sector. Our goal is to build a smooth, safe and environmentally friendly future.

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